In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Makoto MATSUSHITA writes:
: imp> Typo, I think.  The module needs to be named if_XXX.ko for the
: imp> automatic kldload in ifconfig to work.
: OK, attached below is a (trivial) patch to fix this.

This is a good start at a fix.  However, all the attachments for the
lnc device also need to be called if_lnc.  And they need to share the
same devclass_t so that unit numbers don't go wonky on you (eg, if you
have a isa and a pci lnc card in the same system, you might get two

The ed driver has this problem as well.  The ep driver doesn't.  The
ep driver is wrong in that its name is ep rather than if_ep.  The sn
driver I think gets these both right, but I think its dependence on
pcic is bogus.


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