In vi it is no longer convenient to call processign filters on text being
written because something has changed..

For example to adjust the formatting of the paragraph you are presently in, you
would type !}fmt and the paragraph would be piped out to fmt and the resulting
output would be brought back and would replace the original. Very useful. for
example you can sort a list of items  with !}sort .

Unfortunatly something is trying to do an 'stty' command on the pipe, and the
result now always includes the line:
stty: stdin isn't a terminal
followed by the formatted text..

{after some more experimentation}
it appears to be the new csh.

the old csh worked, and if I set teh shell to be sh it works.
It's only tcsh that doesn't like this.

This is to say the least, a pain because after you hve deleted the bad line you
cannot use '.'
to format the next paragraph...

I'll add a PR tomorow if there is no quick answer.. I don't know if it's in 4.x
as well...

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