From: "Leif Neland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Can I make make world make sendmail with milter and sasl / smtp auth just
> adding to make.conf?
> If so, how?
Currently, you need to a patch to enable the building and installing of
libmilter, libsmutil, and the header files needed to build a Milter daemon.

I just sent PR 23811 that contains the patch to enable Milter on both STABLE
and CURRENT (minor fuzziness).

So after applying the patch, add the following into your make.conf

# See security/cyrus-sasl/files/Sendmail.README

I have also put this patch at:

When you build your milter daemons you can use either a shared  (-lmilter)
or a static (/usr/lib/libmilter.a) libmilter library.

    cc -I/usr/include/sendmail -o sample sample.c -lmilter
/usr/lib/libsmutil.a -pthread

After you build your milter daemons, you will need to create a shell script
that will start/stop the milter daemons.  This script needs to be placed in
PREFIX/etc/rc.milter (see src/lib/libmilter/

Scot W. Hetzel

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