On Mon, Dec 25, 2000 at 04:55:08PM -0800, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Trying to upgrade an existing 3.4 system to 4.2 
> > failed due to kernel.GENERIC not having mcd0 built in
> > anymore (MITSUMI CDROM) :-(
> > 
> > Please add that back again.
> No.  The Matsushita/Mitsumi/Sony CDROM interfaces have gone the way of 
> the 3c501.  The drivers are there, and if you're really desperate, you're 
> welcome to try them, but they're not supported install devices anymore.
> Note that it's trivial to build a custom installation kernel these days,
> and in your case, it would be the simplest answer.

Well, although I may have the tools and host machines around normally,
in this particular case, where I'm upgrading an ISDN gateway machine
I'm really on my own and have no 4.2 kernel build environment at hand.

When the drivers are there, what would be the price for adding them into
the GENERIC installation kernel? Couldn't the drivers be loaded 
as modules and test against presence of the hardware similar like Linux or NT
do it?  We have a two floppy installation kit anyway, so it should not
be a disk space problem only.

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