> For over a week now, I have been unable to complete a 'make world' on
> my -CURRENT box if I specify -j4.  The system hangs and is completely
> unresponsive.  This is a dual Celeron and an Abit BP6 motherboard.  As
> far as I can tell, nobody knows what's causing this, nor even how to
> attack the problem.  I'd like to solicit feedback about the extent of
> the problem, the possible causes, and how to debug it.

I have been building releases with WORLD_FLAGS=-j4 successfully on my
SMP box with a Dec 1 kernel for the past week. Yesterday I upgraded the
kernel and with the new kernel did a make world -j4 which completed with
no problems. And afterwards a make release with WORLD_FLAGS=-j4 also
finished with no problems. So -current isn't totally broken. It might
be timing related. My machine is an old dual 266MHz PII.


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