Андрей Чернов wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 12:05:57 +0200, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> > Please somebody review attached patches.
> > +     u_char  *ctable[256];           /* Table for converting unicode filenames */
> You deside to use per- Unicode base conversion table, it takes much memory

Not too much - only 1K per cd9660 mount point for machines with sizeof(u_char *) == 4.
This also provides opportunity to load several tables with different bases

> and don't satisfy in any case because you miss other graphics related to
> charset of OS that made CD (I mean high code table characters like
> copyright, angle quotes and so on). Better variant is to use exact to/from
> Unicode conversion tables, if you know exact charset of OS that made CD.

I'm now sure how could I obtain charset for each of dozen+ OSes that may create a CD.

> I.e. I suggest to use the method that MSDOSFS currently use which is
> foreign-charset - Unicode - native charset. It takes small memory and
> convert names without loss of some characters.

I don't see any problems, because it's likely that usual special high code table
characters (copyright, angle quotes and so on) will be represented using Unicode
charcodes with first byte (`base') equal to 0, so they can be mapped directly into
native charset. In my implementation only Unicode characters with base !=0 are to be
translated. All less usual characters (graphics and so on) can be translated by
extending appropriate codetable to include additional translation tables with different
bases (e.g. 0x25 for graphics chars etc.).


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