On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Maxim Sobolev wrote:

> Several days ago I got a CD with Russian filenames on it and discovered that
> I'm unable to read those filenames. After some hacking I produced a patch,
> which should solve this problem in the manner similar to what we have in
> msdosfs module (i.e. user-provided conversion table). I have to emphasize that
> it's a temporary solution until we will have iconv support in kernel.

        The patch seems to be ok as temporary solution for CDs with
Russian file names. And as temporary solution it well suits to the ports
collection, not to the main tree.

        In the near future we'll have iconv interface in the kernel which
uses libiconv library written by Konstantin Chuguev. I'm really sorry for
delays, but my current job leaves nearly zero spare time to me and there
is a hope that January will be less busy.

Boris Popov

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