I've created new common framework on generalized power-management
interface for userland utilities.


This provides some PM APIs to APM applications, such as wmapm, so that
these applications can be ported smoothly to use ACPI (power
management portion).  Currently following APIs are implemented;

int      power_get_syspm_info(struct power_syspm_info *);
int      power_get_batt_info(u_int, struct power_batt_info *);
int      power_standby(void);
int      power_suspend(void);
int      power_hibernate(void);

And PM event notification mechanism is suggested to be implemented so far.

Sample application is included in usr.sbin/power/ which is very similar
to apm(8) but supports ACPI as well.

usr.sbin/acpi/acpibatt/ is for displaying acpi_cmbat (ACPI Control
Method Battery), can be used to verify that generalized
power-management interface is working correctly.
Note that many ACPI BIOS give us unknown battery remaining time when
ac-line is plugged in.  MIB 'hw.battery.full_charge_time' can be used to
specify the full charged remaining time of batteries in minutes, like
        sysctl -w hw.battery.full_charge_time=60,60
for multiple number of batteries, or
        sysctl -w hw.battery.full_charge_time=120
for a battery installed.

To test them, /dev/power is required as a device control file.

% ls -l /dev/power
crw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  210,   0  12/19 04:51 /dev/power

I'll commit them at sometime early in coming century.

Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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