Title: Email Letter

Reach Millions With Your Product or Service!

We are a professional commercial e-mail service that has been in business for over 6 years. We can help you reach more potential customers through e-mail. No doubt you've heard every horror story about UCE, but frankly it's not true. There is a very small element that does not want the Internet to be used for commercial purposes, but isn't that what the Internet really is? And it completely legal to send commercial e-mail.

There is Target and Bulk Email. We can send either for you! We've mailed for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies over the last 6 years, and many of them you would recognize.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • No Printing Cost! No Handling (stuffing envelops)!
  • No Postage!
  • Cost Effective Too!
  • We do all the mailing, you have no hassle!

We will assist you in the preparation of your e-mail letter! We provide you with "FREE" voice mail! Results!!! Ask us for our Special Introduction Price when you phone. We will show you that e-mailing works!

For complete details, phone (877) 203-3700 ext. 150

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