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>Jacob writes:
>:> : Same with me.
>:> This sounds like a job for Captain UPDATING:
>:> 20010101:
>:>     ex and vi were broken by some changes to sys/queue.h.  If
>:>     you have a bad vi (and are getting core dumps when building
>:>     termcap), you can work around this problem by adding -k to
>:>     your command line.  This will cause the build to complete
>:>     and install a new vi.  Once that's done, you can rebuild again
>:>     without the -k to pick up anything that might have been
>:>     ignored by the -k option.
>    Why in (insert favorite deity)'s name does ex and vi depend on
>    sys/queue.h ?

Actually they don't, they depend on db1.85's "mpool" which depends
on <sys/queue.h> since it lives in libc.

vi/ex comes with their own copy of <sys/queue.h>

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