Hello Warner,
Hello everybody,

If you are looking for confirmation that the workaround for the ex/libc
related world breakage works then here it is: I have just finished
upgrading this way and did not have any problems.

Actually, there is an even simpler way: If you already have started a
buildworld and it has crashed on you then you alrady have libc built under
/usr/obj. So you can just install that, (of course carefully) and than
restart the buildworld with -DNOCLEAN. Will work from that point on. 

(Ripped from the underground bestseller: "Forbidden & Obscure ways of
upgrading a FreeBSD system. Don't show this to a committer!")

BTW: When the buildworld crashed, the console was left all hosed. Only
grabage characters were generated, somehow even a break signal was sent (it
surely wasn't me) so it dumped into DDB, but I could not do anything there
either... weird. But maybe just coincidence.


Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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