Our motto: More tail for less money.

We've got whining, spoiled, American bitches getting what's coming to
them. And liking it!

Spum guzzling hose hogs who can't live without a white boy's jimmy or
a black boy's cactus in their mouths 24 hours a day! (We have to
punish them when they swallow instead of taking it on the face!)

Delicate, oriental beauties with tight cooters getting split down the
middle, lumberjack style! 

Sign me up Jack!!!

Gorgeous, buxom, chocolate wenches that will make your snicker caramel
its nuts!

Latin lovelies getting their tacos stuffed with the biggest beef in

Remember that teacher with big knobs whose skirt you used to look up?
Yes? Well, we got her too!

Young? Old? Thick? Thin? Tall? Short? Whatever! If it's got a hole
and a temperature we've got it!

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