On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 10:07:37AM +0000, Pierre Y. Dampure wrote:

>Hmmm. It looks like there were other bits missing... the MELCO LUATX
>entry was replaced in the last commit to usbdevs by two new entries,
>LUATX1 and LUATX5, but if_aue.c was not modified to reflect this. You
>need to do this manually.
>If the goal is to make modifications in one place only (and that
>certainly seems to be the case, hence usbdev2h.awk), maybe what's
>required is a new field in the usbdevs table, so that the tables used by
>the various *.c get generated automagically too?

I really really wish I could understand this :)
I'm not a C programmer, and I'm just a FreeBSD user tracking -CURRENT.
But I am learning, so that one they I can help commit a helpful patches :)


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