In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Will Andrews writes:
: What, exactly, are we trading off by making apply(1) a bit more
: paranoid?  A couple extra cpu cycles?  Maybe you haven't noticed, but
: these days there's almost nobody still using 100MHz chips.  And out of
: the ones that do, how many will use apply(1) more than once or twice in
: the lifetime of the machine?

First off, we do still have a significant part of the user base that
is using older, slower machines.  Many of them run embedded systems,
some of which use apply(1).  I have a big problem with this argument
since it is doesn't understand the wide range of environments that
FreeBSD runs in and runs very well in.

Having said that, these patches are likely not to significantly slow
things down.  Apply tends to do a lot of I/O, which swamps the few
extra instructions that the strl* or snprintf routines introduce.
There's little reason to optimize things.

I'm still not sure about the shell environment actually buying
anything, but I could see how it might help.


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