On 05-Jan-01 Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:
> In order to declare a mutex which will be used before malloc(9)
> becomes available in the kernel, MUTEX_DECLARE() should be used, then
> it should be initialized by passing the MTX_COLD flag to mtx_init(),
> so that a statically allocated buffer will be used, instead of
> malloc()ing a buffer, right?


> Will it be safe to call mtx_destroy() for this mutex? 
> /sys/kern/kern_mutex.c:mtx_destroy() seems to always try to free() the
> buffer...

No, the assumption is that anything that comes before malloc is so critical
that it won't be destroyed, and thus one shouldn't have to worry about this. 
If you have a mutex that is used before malloc() and needs to be destroy'd
(doing so won't free any memory, the mutex is already statically allocated)
then mtx_destroy() could be taught to handle MTX_COLD being passed in, but I'd
be surprised that such a mutex exists..

> Kazu


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