On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 12:36:12PM -0500, Thomas Stromberg wrote:
> Welp, hard to help you here since there isn't any version info for the 
> infobot, but.. I am succesfully running a blootbot 1.0.0pre4 (infobot 
> derivative) in -CURRENT, and haven't seen any such problem. If there is 
> indeed a problem with the new perl (which is in -STABLE too I believe), 
> I'm sure it's been fixed by now. Just about every new box that gets 
> rolled out with perl comes with 5.6.0 nowadays..

actually, -STABLE as of last night still has 5.005_3.  I believe that
they are waiting for a new version of perl to fix some known bugs before
back porting 5.6 to -STABLE.

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