"Justin T. Gibbs" wrote:

> >After upgrading my system from 13'th December to latest -current,
> >the ahc driver doesn't attach to onboard AIC-7896 second channel
> >anymore. I'm cc'g to Mr. Gibbs and Smith in hope they are the right
> >persons.
> >
> >Dmesg:
> Can you send me the output of "pciconf -l" on this system?  My guess
> is that your MB vendor did not use the correct subsystem ID for the
> aic7896 to enable the second channel.  We only recently started to
> pay

> attention to this.  What MB is this?

My system doesn't find any scsi controllers.

Tyan thunder... I think
burst[3:02pm]-=>sudo pciconf -l
hostb0@pci0:0:0:        class=0x060000 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71908086
rev=0x03 hdr=0x00
pcib1@pci0:1:0: class=0x060400 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71918086 rev=0x03
isab0@pci0:7:0: class=0x060100 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71108086 rev=0x02
atapci0@pci0:7:1:       class=0x010180 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71118086
rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
uhci0@pci0:7:2: class=0x0c0300 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71128086 rev=0x01
none0@pci0:7:3: class=0x068000 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71138086 rev=0x02
ahc0@pci0:11:0: class=0x010000 card=0x080f9005 chip=0x005f9005 rev=0x00
ahc1@pci0:11:1: class=0x010000 card=0x080f9005 chip=0x005f9005 rev=0x00
fxp0@pci0:13:0: class=0x020000 card=0x000c8086 chip=0x12298086 rev=0x08

Russell Cattelan

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