Growing dreadlocks or locking you hair is easy!  The hard 
part is living successfully in America's society with your bold 
new look.
New book "Don't Worry Be Nappy! - How To Grow Dreadlocks
In America and Still Get Everything You Want" is packed full
great  ideas, tips, and advice to make you a success with
Author Jeffery Bradley has been growing dreadlocks for 
15 years and has worked in 3 major corporations.  He 
knows about living very successfully with dreadlocks.
Now he's giving YOU everything that has made him a 
success in both growing dreadlocks and succeeding
with his unique hair style.
You will learn:
* How easy it is to grow dreadlocks
* Tips and techniques for keeping them strong and beautiful
* How to prepare to succeed
* Ways to successfully deal with society
* Personal experiences from the author
Call TOLL FREE at 1 877 217 2346 for more information.

Jeffery Bradley
"Don't Worry Be NAPPY!"

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