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On 1/8/01, 7:17:46 AM, "Justin T. Gibbs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
regarding Re: SCSI CD recorder no longer attached; minor issues :

> Can you see if this patch corrects the problem?

/* The patch in question, if not yet committed, can be retrieved in
the previous message */

On my FreeBSD 5-0 CURRENT (sources as of... the day before yesterday ~
18:15 GMT):

perl -pi -e "s:^V^M::g" Gibbsdiffs   # How come... :-)

patch -d /usr/src/sys/dev/aic7xxx/ <Gibbsdiffs

--- new kernel compiled and installed;

/* testing my YAHAMA CD-recorder and player */

--- boot messages are all right;
--- 637-MB ISO image created via mkisofs and burnt to CD via
--- diff -r /cdrom /path/to/my/test/files

Summing up: SCSI seems to work like a charm.

Thank you very much,

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