I'm using a 3ccfe575ct-d, it works great, I just installed using it by
making my own GENERIC kernel with the cardbus stuff on it, and putting it
on an install boot floppy instead of the one that normally comes on
it. I'm not sure the pmtimer is working though, and I keep getting
dmesg: malloc failed

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On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Mark Murray wrote:

> > This is to let everyone know that right now as I type I am setting up
> > FreeBSD to start downloading over my cardbus ethernet card. It seems to
> > work great except it doesn't beep when the card enables, but that's fine
> > with me. :-)
> What card?
> My Netgear FA510 (dc0) probes (sorta) but comes up with a crazy
> MAC address, and then doesn't work. It doesn't even go UP.
> MAC=00:00:80:00:00:80, FWIW.
> M
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> Mark Murray
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