Addendum to previous message describing what seems like IRQ problems...

One thing I forgot to mention, and which is the whole reason I decided to
send this to the list, is that the ESS Audiodrive does not play in Stereo
under 4.2-Release or 5.0-Current.  Sound is in mono, out of both speakers.

The music being tested shows very clear, clean stereo separation under
4.1-Release.  The upgrade to 4.2-Release was done via Sysinstall, which I
eventually downgraded back to 4.1-Release via the brute force
"delete-everything-except-/pub-and-/proc-and-do-an-FTP-Install".  At that
point (after I compiled my kernel as usual), sound returned to normal.

The upgrade path from 4.1-Release to 5.0-Current was of course done via
CVSup/make buildworld/make installworld  followed by a normal kernel
recompile to get my preferred settings into place.

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