On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Tomasz Paszkowski wrote:

>  I'am working on module, which catches __sysctl system call, and on
>  securelevel grater than 3, refuse any changes of sysctl oids. Are there any

You might want to take a look at SPY module

>  problems, which might happen after blocking sysctl oids change ?
>  AFAIR there is no such application running in user Space,which requires
>  ability to change sysctl oids,is there ?

Several oids are changed on system startup. Others are accessed read-only
to provide system information.

>  Secondly I'was thinking about oids,which are needed for user space aplications
>  to work. I figured out,that vi use some (I didn't check which one) oid on
>  startup, so is there a list of oids used by user space applications ?

Well, it depends on what the user applications want to access, doesn't it
:-). Theoretically, this list could be all oids. Practically, it depends
on the user applications that are installed...

Andrzej Bialecki

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