> > Note also that Scott Long ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) is also working on this, 
> > you will want to check with him to work out where he's up to...
> OK, I intended to try acpi_thermal hacking for the next target, now
> I can be a tester and feed back something for Scott's hack :-)

Note that there are no \_TZ_ entries in that "vaiolx800.asl" dump
that I submitted for the ACPI collection.  I'm not sure where that
collection is - I don't see it off www.jp.freebsd.org/acpi, if
anyone wants to see that .asl file I can put it somewhere public.

I also haven't found any "PNPxxxx" devices corresponding to an
ACPI fan (I forget the exact number) during boot -v.

Would I have to do anything special to see it? If anyone has any
other ideas of what to do let me know - I'm wondering if throttling
down the CPU turns down the fan.

In the meantime I've made terrific progress by putting "dynamat" sound
absorbing material on the bottom of the plastic drum-like base of the 
Vaio, it is quieter and now my desk doesn't vibrate when the fan is
on high. (www.dynamat.com, new web site in progress)

Next I'll open it up and put dynamat on the inside of the
plastic - I assume most heat loss is by convection and this won't
make much difference.  Once I do get the fan throttling working
I'll have a real quiet system.


Peter Dufault ([EMAIL PROTECTED])   Realtime development, Machine control,
HD Associates, Inc.               Fail-Safe systems, Agency approval

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