On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 09:29:45AM -0800, Bruce A. Mah wrote:


> My personal opinion is that sysinstall.8 is a part of the base system
> and shouldn't be optional. If we take your suggestion, it means that
> installworld will sometimes install this manpage and sometimes it won't.

Bu-ut, as you point out...

> A good counter-argument is that installworld doesn't touch 
> /stand/sysinstall, and therefore shouldn't touch the manpage either.

I think getting the sysinstall binary and manpages out of sync, which
is what the current configuration promises to do, is in itself a

> Idea:  Maybe we need the release building process to do this instead?
> On all of my systems, the sysinstall binary came from a CD, and never
> got touched by any subsequent installworlds.

I had assumed that the 'release' target would do something like this
which explains why I was so puzzled by this change. I now understand
why some people wanted it.

> > Anyone have a good reason why everyone _must_ have src-release to
> > buildworld? 
> I never thought of trying to do a buildworld with anything less than 
> src-all.  I guess my counter question is:  Anyone have a good reason to 
> do buildworlds *without* /usr/src/release/?

When I was CVSup'ing over a phone line to a notebook PC with a 750MB
HDD, I trimmed my supfile to only what I needed, no src-games, no
src-kerberosIV, no src-kerberos5, no src-release, etc.

But to reiterate, I think the best reason not to do this is the
potential for getting /stand/sysinstall and sysinstall(8) out of sync
on your system. That is Just Wrong. The manpage should only be
installed when /stand/sysinstall changes.

The fact that src-release is now required was just an annoyance since
I lost a build before I tracked it down. I woulda got over it. ;) I
had not even noticed the change on some builds over the weekend since
I do ususally grab src-release.
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