* John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010112 18:56] wrote:
> On 13-Jan-01 Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> > I've actually been seeing this for about 2 months now but only just
> > now got motivated enough to enable crashdumps and get some information
> > on what happens whenver I try to use the printer attached to my (sadly :)
> > -current SMP box:
> > 
> All the other traces show the kerenl having returned to an address that is
> beyongd the end of the kernel (which causes the page fault) meaning that the
> stack is fubar'd, so the trace isn't meaningful anyways. :(  Knowing how and
> why the lpd interrupt handler trashes the stack is the useful info, and with
> teh stack already trashed, I don't know of an easy way to figure that out. 
> Suggestions welcome.




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