Dear   Sears!
We  are  glad  to  propose  You  the  unique  opportunity of
fundamental  life changing with the consultation of Universe
Informational Center.
We  suggest  momentary  readout information from any animate
and inanimate object independently from time and distance.
Diagnostics  of  everything  alive, that exists on the Earth
and  in  the  Space.  It's enough for you to name the living
being and the age or the object of your interest, its number
and  what  you'd like to find out about it. The exactness of
answer  depends  on  the  exactness  of  an  asked question.
Everything  occurs as in computer system. You formulate your
question, briefly and exactly, and receive a brief and exact
We  can  diagnose  any facilities, buildings, constructions,
examine  the  lands  for  construction.  We  can  analyse of
expedience  and  prospects of developed scientific, military
and  state  programs, scientific hypothesis and discoveries.
Drawing  conclusions  about all future positive and negative
qualities  of  an  invention,  including  every  detail of a
future machine. If it is a vehicle for Mars or Venus - we'll
describe  its  mode  of  work  and  its service life at this
planet.  We'll  say  beforehand  what  detail will go out of
service and why, what is desirable to improve, to change and
so on. At the same time we can already now describe not only
what  your  vehicle will find there, but also what is really
exists  there: kind of vegetation, its color, growth, taste,
smell, presence of water, minerals, forms of intellect, etc.
We  know  the  time of contact failure with any apparatus at
any  planet,  we  can  find  the reason and re-establish the
contact. For military, navy, space and other subdivisions of
state and united forces without departure to the location we
can  instantly  look  through the technical condition of any
fighting   unit,   warship,   spaceship   of   any  country,
professional   training   of  any  separate  serviceman,  an
expedience of war actions and their final result, and we can
give  answers  to  other  questions  of  interest.  Complete
examination  of all military and civil planes, rockets, etc.
As  to  their  security  and  a  state  of wear at the whole
territory  of  any  country.  Instant  checking  of  service
ability  of  all  devices, reactors, control instruments and
sensors  at  any  sections independently of its distance and
location.  Prediction of the any spaceship launch result 3-4
days before the event. In case of unsuccessful launch we can
locate  the cause of a fault in a spaceship beforehand. It's
possible to invent the machines of the far future (XXI, XXII
c.)  now.  Several minutes it is enough to form future staff
of  designers,  scientists,  leaders  -  to  choose the most
talented  of  all  students of high schools (in any branch).
It's  possible  to talk to any archaeological finding, to go
with it deep through decades, centuries, millennium, etc. An
instant  answer  whether  there is a virus in your computer.
Answers  to  the  questions  of  science:  structure  of the
Universe,  genesis  of human and all animate, the secrets of
microcosm,  of  gene structures and activity of human brain,
search  of  new  sources  of energy, mysteries of time, etc.
Examination  of  the  Earth,  the Sun, the Moon, any planet,
etc.  in  section. Questions should be asked by specialists,
the  answers  will  be  given  instantly  and at once to any
According  to  your  wish  we  can examine the state of each
organ  separately:  blond  circulatory,  nervous  and  other
systems.  Complete  diagnostics  of any person health during
several  minutes  independently  of distance and location. (
It's  enough  to  point  out  name  and age). We can analyze
suitability of any medicine to a definite person, expedience
of  an impending operation and its reasons. If you are still
going to be operated, I can prompt a favorable dale and hour
for  a  perfect  operation.  (  It's  enough  to point out a
doctor's  name  and  place of operation). We can predict and
examine  the  course of pregnancy, sex and growth of a baby,
etc.  For  specialists - the medicine of future, the methods
of  struggle  with  cancer, viruses, ageing, vaccine against
AIDS  and other questions. Examination of territory and food
as to their ecological safety.
Prediction  of  real  chances of victory in pre-election and
election  campaigns of this or that candidate. Any member of
government  can  instantly  find  out  what is dune in other
government    establishments,   their   true   attitude   to
governments  and to the country in the whole. It is possible
to  find  out  what  is done in any town of country, etc. In
case  you  have  to  lead business meetings, you may know it
beforehand  how  negotiations  will  go what can be expected
from  your  partners,  to  financial  state,  the results of
negotiations,  future  deals, credit rating of your partners
and  whether  al all they have that what they offer you. You
may  know it beforehand whether your money or credit you are
going  to  lend  be  returnable.  (It  is  enough  to name a
debtor). If you hire a man for work, it is enough for you to
name  a  position he is hired for and you may know all about
his professional, business and human qualities, etc. For the
leaders of all levels - all questions related their life and
activity, including the questions of security.
With   our   help   you   may  talk  to  any  relatives  and
acquaintances  at any distance, find out their true attitude
towards you, their thoughts, thoughts and attitude to you of
your  pets, trees and flowers in your garden, your cars - of
all animate and inanimate objects. You may know what name is
suitable  for  your  child,  what  occupation  your child is
intended  for,  whether  it is worth for him or her to marry
(expedience  of this or that marriage and its reasons). Your
past  (including  your last lives), present and future. Your
predestination  and  tasks in this life. The ways of solving
problems.  You'll  get  assistance  in  buying any immovable
property.  It is possible to examine quality of any selected
wares,  safety  of  your  trips, flights and voyages. If you
want to know about the weather in a day of your interest, it
is  enough  for  you to point out a day of week, month, year
and You will get all necessary information. We have a favour
to  ask  for  You don`t ask the questions about non-existent
objects  and criminal or heated - playing features.
Our  work  is  being constructed at the base of agreement or
contract.  Please,  ask  You  first three questions for free
and,  if  You  will  satisfied by the results, we shell sign
agreement about consultation.

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