I'm slightly hoping that enabling an AUTO HALT mode will turn the fan down.
I don't think it will, I think I will have to do some subset of what
"acpiconf -s 1" does in cpu_idle but will still respond to the next clock

So my two questions are:

1. Is there an obvious subset of S1 that would be an acceptable replacement
for executing HLT and nothing happening in cpu_idle, and, 

2. Does anyone understand "AUTO HALT", low power mode, etc on the Pentium III?

I found programs (previous message has links) to enable power saving modes
on Pentia, but they set a bit in "Model Specific Register 0x12: CTR0", and
the Pentium III documentation says "code that accesses registers 11H, 12H,
and 13H will generate exceptions on a P6 family processor".

(IA-32 Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3: System Programming Guide,
Intel order number 245472, page B-25)


(The system is reasonably quiet now with my additional sound
proofing, but I'm afraid it isn't designed to continously run what was
originally an unacceptably noisy fan).

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