> >Sorry Poul, I think the question here is: "if we decide to remove i386 support
> >BUT a few people still want to use it and can maintain it as a separate
> >platform port, is it an option to do so, from a technical point of view?"
> >
> (This is a general answer, not just about i386 support:)
> Any feature in FreeBSD needs a minimum amount of maintenance.  If
> nobody cares about some particular bit of code, it will slowly of
> quickly rot away.

Sure, but my question was different. I wrote "want to use it and can
maintain". I was asking, if somebody is willing enough, is it feasible
to split it to a separate arch, and put it under that person's
maintainership? Of course, if nobody is willing to do this, then
obviously it's not worth it, I agree.

And no, I'm not volunteering ;-)

> The reason against doing so is that it complicates our code.  Makes
> it less readable.  Forces us to make tradeoffs which hits modern
> hardware on the performance meter.

Agree. But splitting it out is a one time job, I don't think it would
be that hard, and after that you can delete old code from x86 tree,
and let x386 tree live its own life...


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