"Newton, Harry" wrote:
> I think we might be talking at cross-purposes here. What does the kernel do
> if it panics before the /etc/rc script is run ? (i.e. before the dumpon
> command is issued ). I can't believe that it reads /etc/rc.conf and locates
> the dump_dev entry to determine where it should put the crash dump. In
> 4.4BSD one could specify:
> config kernel root on <device> swap on <device> dump on <device>
> but this no longer exists in FreeBSD ? Is this right, and why ?

We are missing some infrastructure to get this to work really early in the
boot sequence - how early do you need?  It should be possible to come up
with some tweaks so that we can dump right after the device that we want to
dump to has probed its disk label to get the partition sizes etc.  Exactly
when this happens is something I am not yet sure of.

With some tweaks it should be moderately easy to get dumps enabled at
the point where boot -v says "Creating DISK xxx" and your dump device is
shown..  at least for drivers that use the minidisk layer.

"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

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