i have the same problem with sounbblaster 16 pci.  wondering if there will
be a fix any time soon?

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Greg Rumple wrote:

> This is the same problem I am having with a Soundblaster 16 PCI on
> 4.2-STABLE.  I found a work around for it.  It appears that there is
> something that is being un-initialized by the FreeBSD es1371 driver that
> other OS's do set.  I have built a linux boot floppy, boot it, modprobe
> the linux es1371 driver, and than reboot into FreeBSD and the problem is
> gone.  And until I power off the machine, the card works fine.
> I have brought this up several times on the freebsd-multimedia list, but
> have gone un-noticed each time.
> Anyway, I have found a lame work around, until it is fixed properly.

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