On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 01:31:47PM -0600, David W. Chapman Jr. thus spoke:
> thanks for the background, quite interesting.

You're welcome.  I'm currently writing a series of articles for the
tape newbie that a friend coaxed me into.  I've finished electrons,
magnets, head design and QIC tape.  Rotary heads are next. Don't
know where I'll go from there.

www.aplawrence.com.  Go to Unix articles and you'll see them
listed on the top right side of the page as I recall.  If you
are into audio tape - I wrote an article a jillion years ago that
has widely propagated.  goto   www.bilver.com  [note that it is
not the same as this address] and go down to aligning your
professional tape recoder.  I was an audio recording engineer
before computers came to dominate my life.

Bill Vermillion -   bv @ wjv . com

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