On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 14-Jan-01 Peter Jeremy wrote:
> > And for BDE's benefit - atomic.h is broken for IA32's with 64-bit
> > longs.  (I believe that can be fixed for Pentiums and above using
> > CMPXCHG8B, but I can't test the code).
> The i386 with 64-bit longs doesn't boot from what I hear.  Also, long in
> machine/types.h is 32-bits long.  I don't think we need to bother with 64-bit
> longs.  Adding 64-bit atomic ops will be expensive on <= 486.

It has booted fine for several years.  I last built it on 8 Oct 2000.  I
haven't committed all the bits so it probably doesn't even build in -current.

Erm, long isn't in machine/types.h.  In <machine>, only the long limits in
<machine/limits.h> and a few bogus typedefs depend on the size of a long.

I bother with 64-bit longs whether I need to or not :-).  They get used on
i386's mainly in old code and interfaces that don't use typedefs.
Hopefully 64-bit scalars will never need to be accessed atomically.


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