It seems Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> > >> Peter Wemm and I suspect that ata doesn't need it.  Right now I'm
> > >> running several make -j128 buildworlds and buildkernels with this
> > >> patch to catch any ata problems.
> > 
> >         Ummmm...
> > 
> >         It seems to me from reading the man page for asleep/await that
> > they have significant utility, and that the real issue would be one of
> > code not using them, especially as people work to remove the Giant
> > lock for SMP.
> > 
> >         Or is the discussion in the man page wrong in some way?
> The manpage is correct, but we've yet to see it used properly in
> the code with the exception of ata, and even with ata we're not
> sure if it's needed.

Uhm, well I tried removing it here, and now -current (on SMP HW)
fails in new "interesting" ways. The problem here is that
-current is not stable on SMP HW so the question is if this
change in behavior is to the better or to the worse...

I suggest creative manpower is used to stabilize -current, instead
of fine trimming which API's should stay or not...


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