It seems John Baldwin wrote:
> On 17-Jan-01 Soren Schmidt wrote:
> > Nothing special, GENERIC kernel with SMP defined will do nicely, running
> > without SMP improves matters but on the fastet machine I'm still getting
> > lockups, but they are rare...
> AHA!  Useful info!!  GENERIC is quite close to bloated, so the fact that it is
> GENERIC + SMP maybe an edge case.  I'll try and test this out now that you have
> actually provided some useful info.  :-P  If you want a stable box, try
> trimming the kernel config down to what you need.

You read too much into that, I dont normally run a GENERIC kernel,
I run one stripped down to what I need, I gave you guys a generic
example of what fails, and what can easily be reproduced.

Anyhow, I have asked before to have you guys supply me with
a kernel that has been compiled "the right way" and I'll test
it out here just to make sure I dont do anything stupid..

Just a bare bones kernel, fxp & ata drivers will do nicely for the
serverworks thingy, give me an URL I can get it from or put it
on and give my a ping when its there...


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