A few hours ago, this has been committed to -CURRENT:

Commit log:
>   Log:
>   Implement MTX_RECURSE flag for mtx_init().
>   All calls to mtx_init() for mutexes that recurse must now include
>   the MTX_RECURSE bit in the flag argument variable. This change is in
>   preparation for an upcoming (further) mutex API cleanup.
>   The witness code will call panic() if a lock is found to recurse but
>   the MTX_RECURSE bit was not set during the lock's initialization.
>   The old MTX_RECURSE "state" bit (in mtx_lock) has been renamed to
>   MTX_RECURSED, which is more appropriate given its meaning.
>   The following locks have been made "recursive," thus far:
>   eventhandler, Giant, callout, sched_lock, possibly some others declared
>   in the architecture-specific code, all of the network card driver locks
>   in pci/, as well as some other locks in dev/ stuff that I've found to
>   be recursive.

    This is a small HEADS-UP to let people who have WITNESS turned on that if
they stumble into a panic() with a message such as:

    "[...] recursed on non-recursive mutex foo [...]"

to take note of it and report it as soon as possible to the lists (feel free
to CC me). I believe that I have covered the large majority of recursive
mutexes in the patch, but it's difficult to go through all the surrounding
code. So, if I happened to have missed some, it would be good to modify the
required mtx_init()s immediately, before further cleanups are done.


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