The current default /etc/auth.conf is as follows:

# $FreeBSD: src/etc/auth.conf,v 1.5 2000/12/28 10:32:00 peter Exp $
# This file contains information on what types of authentication to use.
# It is just the beginnings of a greater scheme.

# crypt_default =       md5 des
# auth_list     =       passwd kerberos

auth_list       =       passwd

On the other hand, the current default /etc/login.conf looks like:

# login.conf - login class capabilities database.


This will cause a problem. A new user registered by adduser(1)
will be able to loggin the system.  Because the adduser script 
uses des as the default according to the setting in /etc/auth.conf 
and crypt_set_format(3) in passwd(1) sets md5 as the default hash
function,  the authentication will fail always.

Of course, it is easy to change one of the above files.  It might be,
however, quite difficult to guess the reason of the login failure caused
by this.  I think that it might be convenient to describe this in 
some documents like UPDATING or a manpage of adduser(1) of -current.


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