On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 12:32:53PM +0100, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> >     I propose that syslogd(8) should reload the hostname with a
> > SIGHUP. I cannot think of any reason that one should not update the
> > hostname, but as I pointed out, there are reasons why one would want
> > that behavior.
> It should also log a message if the hostname changes.

Should that be a responsibility of syslogd(8) or hostname(1)?

Personally, it might be a slippery slope to start adding things that
syslogd(8) should maintain state on, but since syslogd(8) actually
uses the hostname... One also could start arguing that syslogd(8)
should check the hostname everytime it logs something despite the
performance hit. As for what syslogd(8) does now, if you look at the
example output in the PR, notice syslogd(8) didn't even log when it
was HUP'ed.

IMHO, I think it is beyond the scope of syslogd(8) to actually track
changes in the hostname in real-time. Noticing a change when given a
HUP signal, would seem reasonable, but if hostname(1) were to log
changes, that would also be fairly redundant.
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