On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 10:49:44PM -0600, Steve Price wrote:
> Is it just me or does 'syslogd -s' exhibit just a little bit too
> much paranoia about allowing socket connections?  I was futzing
> with a Perl script that needed to syslog(3) some stuff and after
> much hair pulling I realized that 'syslogd -s' didn't even allow
> connections from localhost.  Apparently Perl opens a socket
> connection to syslog and with the '-s' syslogd doesn't read from
> socket connections either from localhost or from hosts specified
> with -a.  This is a bad thing IMHO.  Either I open syslogd up to
> all socket connections (including from localhost) or I can't use
> syslog from Perl.

You can write to the /dev/log (usually symlinked to /var/run/log)
socket with '-s' set.

If you want to or need to use network sockets,

  # syslogd -a localhost

Should provide the behavior you want. As you noted this is not the
same as '-s'. It is a feature and not a bug.
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