:The loopback nfs hangs that have been with us for a month have now propagated
:to -stable.

    Can you break into DDB and get a 'ps' and a kernel core?  There are a
    bunch of things it could be, including possibly my low-memory deadlock
    code (which concentrated more on UFS and not so much on NFS), though
    my low-memory deadlock code was committed all the way back in
    december (12/29).  The only recent commit was to fix an O_EXCL bug,
    and I doubt that could cause a loopback deadlock.   The cause could
    also be related to MFC's (not by me) related to the network stack,
    which are more recent.  There isn't much in the cvs logs that I
    can see as having caused the problem to occur only recently.


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