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On 1/21/01, 11:28:46 PM, Szilveszter Adam
wrote regarding Re: cvsup'ing repo & cvs-checkout'ing sources makes

> Dear Salvo,

> So if you want to place a directory under CVS control, you must
> first rm -rf it and then check it out again.

Thanks a lot again.

And still more apologies for the newbieish questions. Evidently, I was
not correct in implicitly assuming that cvs would recognize/adopt a
previously cvsup'ed tree.

> As for your second question: CVS does not normally delete files that
> you no longer need but only displays warnings about them. You can
> remove those files now. Cvsup in contrast also removes the files if
> you tell it so.

Ok, since I logged those warnings, I'll just write a two-liner
awk/perl script for that :-)

Best regards,
Salvo (I'll get out and grep someone... :-))

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