-On [20010120 08:40], Alex Kapranoff ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>Additional symptoms include very high system CPU state percentage and
>a lot of page faults.

A page fault is not a bad thing, it is merely an indicator from the CPU
to the kernel that the page you want to refer to, the next page of
executable data of the application you are running, is not in memory
The CPU causes a page fault and the kernel pages in the part(s) of the
application to memory and then resumes operation, now being able to
refer to the appropriate page.


>Is my RAM rotting or what?

Given you get coredumps on cc, as and such, it could be.  But not
always, I have had current give me coredumps in cc and as before but
that was due to problems in the binaries themselves after some changes
in the world.

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