Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> But while you're at it,  migrate to md(4) instead of vn(4), it does
> vn(4) will be deprecated RSN.  mdconfig(8) configures the md(4) devices

If I may, two more questions :

- the 4.2 man page for vn says the file must be stored locally (I have
tried vn-mounting a NFS file and it worked : certainly the man page
could be corrected - or I was lucky ?)

- under 4.2-Release, I have trouble using a larger than 20 Megs MD
partition (I have increased MDNsect to 80000, but I still can't store
more the 20 Megs : a "cp" with a 35 Megs file stays blocked, and always
at the same place - I will give more details)


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