I've just thrown together a patch that enables the asm cores (where
available) in openssl.  I've tested it on a p5, k6, and p6 - all show good
improvements (from 1.1x - 2.0x, depending on the core.)  SHA1, blowfish,
and cast aren't running as fast as they could - doing so would make the
resulting lib not work on 386es.  Nonetheless, there's still a marked
improvement over the C versions of the code.

There are two things I can't easily test, which I was hoping I could get
some help on before I bug kris about committing this.

1.  Operation on 386es.  I don't have one of these around, but if someone
has one running 4.x or 5.x and could test to make sure that the updated
libcrypto works properly on it, I'd feel much safer.

2.  Speed on Athlons.  I don't have one of these handy, and I'm curious if
the asm cores cause any regressions in speed.

For those not familiar with openssl, the process of benchmarking is
simple - just type "openssl speed".

Any comments about how to improve my make syntax would also be helpful, if
one is so inclined.


Mike "Silby" Silbersack

(Please CC me on followups, I'm not on the list.)

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