> Anyway during the last month or so, around a third of the times it runs, it
> appearently dies, and I get a message saying uucico died because of a
> floating point error.

The most frequent floating point error is a divide by zero error.  I'd 
speculate that some statistic that uucico is calculating (say bytes/second)
is causing a divide by zero floating point exception.

That is - unless I didn't just look at the source and not find any floats.
Maybe there is an integer divide by zero in there someplace.

Are you sure it isn't generating a core in the /var/spool/uucp area someplace?

Are you using the taylor uucp built from the -current source tree or an older
uucico (maybe a.out format?).

Floating point exceptions in a program that doesn't use fp generally implies
some sort of buffer overflow and code jumping into garbage that happens to
look like fp code.

You can rebuild taylor with debug on and try to figure out what is happening
that way.  You may discover that the other side is sending a field that is
too long - like a system that has larger usernames than yours does etc.

Good luck!

Mark Hittinger

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