In the last episode (Jan 24), Maxim Sobolev said:
> Dan Nelson wrote:
> > I thought the old way was just -pthread, and it would handle
> > everything.  I did a quick scan of the devel/ and net/ branches of our
> > ports tree, and of 43 thread-using ports, 36 of the ports simply add
> > -pthread.  Only 7 also add -D_THREAD_SAFE.
> It's not a very accurate estimate, as the magic can be in the
> distfile itself, i.e. properly written configure script or makefile
> may know that FreeBSD need a -pthread and -D_THREAD_SAFE.

Right; I only scanned for ports that had been patched to support our
pthreads.  I checked a couple of other ports that I know have native
threads support (gnut, db3, mysql) and only db3 adds -D_THREAD_SAFE.

The pthread(3) manpage doesn't mention -D_THREAD_SAFE at all.  Would it
be a good idea to edit the specs file in -STABLE to add that define
when the user compiles with -pthread?

        Dan Nelson

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