On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Julian Elischer wrote:


> > my dc cards.  No problems so far - as long as I don't use DUMMYNET with it.
> > I really wish I could use DUMMYNET as I need to put bandwidth limits on a
> > few of the computers on my network.


> Rate limitting is one thing that isn't there yet. If we pulled our fingers out,
> I guess we would have ripped the dummynet rate limmiter out of where it is
> and placed it into a netgraph node where it would be generally useful
> instead of being hardcoded into one (sometimes useful) localtion in the 
> netoworking stacks.
> there is a rate limitter based on netgraph available from:
> http://www.riss-telecom.ru/~vitaly/
> but I have not tried it.
> I need to look at it again as I believe it has improved and 
> may be generally useful.
> When I looked at it last it was a bit alpha.
> It probably needs rewriting for the new netgraph API in -current.

 Current state of this project:
 Grade:         production, working on more than 40 hosts from June 2000,
                city-wide ISP network
 OS version:    3-STABLE from 8 January 2000 - this version currently used
                in our production routers/hosts
 Capabilities:  guaranteed low bandwidth, maximum bandwidth, priority can be
                set for queue, traffic classification and bandwidth management
                realized by separate netgraph nodes.

 Since I currently have high workload, I dont have time to port it to 4.x or
 Conclusion: volunteer required for this work... and I can consult him/her.

Vitaly Belekhov
System architect,
AB-Telecom, Novosibirsk

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