> > If you mean "it loads the kernel from the wrong place", that's one thing.
> > If you mean "it mounts / from the wrong filesystem", then you should be
> > aware that the loader reads /etc/fstab, and the kernel will mount
> > whatever you've put in there.
> >
> Just curious, but isn't there a checken-and-egg problem here?
> If there is two complete systems, on each disk. If the root on disc 0
> contains an /etc/fstab showing root to be mounted from disk 0, and the root
> on disk 1 contains an /etc/fstab showing root to be mounted from disk 1?
> How is it then possible to mount the root on disk 1?

By loading a kernel from disk 1, or subsequent to loading the kernel, 
change $rootdev to point somewhere else.

Please don't assume I'm *entirely* stupid. 8)

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