On Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:13:42 -0800 (PST)
John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

JB> 1) All parsing of /etc/shells should move off into libutil under a
JB>    suitable API.

        There is one in libc/gen that would do fine. The catch is that it
is not used everywhere and some of the code that fails to use it is in contrib
and I am not too sure of the wisdom of changing it.

JB> 2) The implementation of this API should allow for multiple files that it
JB>    checks.  One way might be to add a '.include' keyword or something so
JB>    that /etc/shells could have '.include /usr/local/etc/shells' that the
JB>    admin could adjust should he/she choose to change ${LOCALBASE} to
JB>    something other than /usr/local.

        I did consider an include mechanism and making _PATH_SHELLS a path list.
I was leaning in the direction of an include mechanism when the (bad) idea of
changing _PATH_SHELLS to point to /usr/local which removed any need to patch
roken, adduser.pl and sendmail.

JB> This is more work than your patch, but this patch doesn't really solve
JB> the problem, it merely moves it.  It also breaks for ${LOCALBASE}
JB> != /usr/local, so I don't think it should go in.

        Good points, agreed.

        Thoughts please on the wisdom of patching the above areas to handle
an include syntax, my worry is maintenance since most of it is contib. I don't
know if I would be introducing the first changes to them (in which cas I will
not) or just one of many (in which case I'll start coding). ?

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