On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 03:46:51PM -0500, Benjamin Lewis wrote:
> Robert,
> You wrote:
> > For the last few days (not sure when it started) I've been unable to build
> > -STABLE on a -CURRENT machine.  This has proven a problem for recent
> > RELENG_3 MFC's of security fixes; I've tried upgrading to the most recent
> > -CURRENT on the box, making sure /usr/include is updated, et al.  I'm
> > guessing this is /usr/include pollution in the /usr/src build, but won't
> > speculate too much more as I'm travelling tomorrow.  Attached below is the
> > breakage from buildworld.
> [...]
> > 
> > cd /usr/src/share/syscons/scrnmaps; make build-tools
> > cc -static -O -pipe   -I/usr/src/share/syscons/scrnmaps
> > -DFIL=\"koi8-r2cp866\"  
> >  -o koi8-r2cp866.mk /usr/src/share/syscons/scrnmaps/mkscrfil.c
> > In file included from /usr/src/share/syscons/scrnmaps/mkscrfil.c:28:
> > /usr/include/machine/console.h:3: #error "this file includes
> > <machine/console.h>
> >  which is deprecated, use <sys/{kb,cons,fb}io.h> instead"
> I've seen the same thing.  I hacked up the -stable source to include the
> correct -current include files to get past this, but that strikes me as
> extremely non-optimal.  I tried hacking up the Makefile in 
> /usr/src/share/syscons/scrnmaps to use a different include path, but don't
> have the know-how or mojo to get that working.

I've just hit the same problem...  Has anybody got a real fix for this?

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