> > This is the single most flagrant lack of cooperation I have experienced
> > while working with the FreeBSD Project.  I'm truly dumbfounded.
> It's not a lack of co-operation.. it's a lack of communication. I didn't
> see an any lists that anyone was doing this yet and thought I'd get 
> the ball rolling to promote discussion.. I'm dumfounded to discover that you've 
> done work here already as I thought I'd have heard of it.  I'm sad you
> take it as an insult. All I want is to start discussion, and I was doing
> it as a way of clarifying my thoughts as to what wqas needed.

Um, Julian - I have known about this for a good couple of months. I
can't remember specifically _how_ I know; suffice to say there has
been a fair bit of dialogue on the lists and Jason's progress-page
has a good overview.


Mark Murray
Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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